Calling all Mini-Hammerheads

This summer, Hampton Pool is offering two (2-week) sessions of swimming lessons. Each session will consist of eight 30 minute lessons (four lessons per week). A third session may be offered if there is sufficient demand. The lesson program is geared towards beginner to intermediate swimmers that are NOT on the swim team. Class participants are asked to be poolside 5 minutes before the start.

Lesson Group Levels

THE PUPS (Beginner-minimum age 4 anytime in 2019)

Goals – build comfort level in the water

Fully submerge face; blowing bubbles; supported front float; supported back float; supported kicking on front; supported kicking on back

THE FLOUNDERS (Advanced beginner-minimum age 4 as of 6/1/19)

Goals – introduce initial stroke skills
Unsupported front float; unsupported back

float; flutter kick on front (with and without kick board); flutter kick on back (with and without kick board); backstroke and freestyle arms; rhythmic breathing

THE SHARKS (intermediate-minimum age 4 as of 6/1/19)

Goals – pass deep end test and continue stroke technique development

Swim two widths of the pool; tread water for a minute; focus on freestyle and backstroke technique; introduction to breaststroke and butterfly


*No more than 6 children will be enrolled per 1 instructor in any class *SPACE IS LIMITED
*4 classes per week!

Session 1: Tuesday, June 18th through Friday, June 21st & Monday, June 24- Thur. June 27

Pups: 11:00-11:30am
Flounders: 11:30am–noon
Sharks: Noon–12:30pm

Session 2: Monday, July 1- Friday July 5 (No Class on July 4th!) & Monday, July 8 – Thursday, July 11

Pups: 11:00–11:30am
Flounders: 11:30am–noon
Sharks: Noon -12:30pm

**note class times and levels may be adjusted based on need and/or demand, the instructor may move children at the instructors discretion to the appropriate level for the child’s ability**


$35 per child per two-week session (NON- REFUNDABLE) Payment may be submitted registration form (CASH or CHECK or CREDIT the snack bar made payable to Hampton Pool)