Saturday Races 2018

Saturday Races were created at Hampton Pool many years ago to promote swimming among children. It is an intramural event and designed so that even the newest swimmer may compete and have fun.

  • Saturday Races start on Saturday June 16th and are held every Saturday through the last Saturday before the Labor Day weekend.
  • The final race is on Labor Day and is followed by an awards ceremony a little later in the day.
  • Races start at 10:30.
  • Each Saturday, a swimmer may only swim four of the five eligible events. The swimmer may choose which events.
  • Swimmers must participate in at least six sessions in order to receive a trophy. A swimmer may not swim more than eight sessions.
  • Points:
    1st place – 5 points
    2nd place – 3 points
    3rd place – 1 point
  • There are three age groups. Children will be grouped by their age on June 1st.
  • Eight & under will compete in the following events in the shallow end of the pool and will swim the width of the pool:
    • prone glide
    • walk across
    • kick board
    • freestyle
    • backstroke
  • Nine and ten year-olds will compete in the following events and will swim to the second life guard stand:
    • freestyle
    • backstroke
    • breaststroke
    • butterfly
    • IM (this will be done in the diving well and they will swim the width of the pool)